Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

FlashDevelop: CamelCase cursor hopping

As a keyboard person I really like to navigate text fast. I use CRTL-Left and CRTL-Right in any text editor to jump between words. Eclipse added another feature onto the word hopping. It recognizes the CamelCase nature of code. So if I have


it will position the cursor at the beginning of my on the first press, on the L of Layout on the second press and on the M of Manager on the thrid press, before jumping to the next word or character. For editing code this is simply great. Saves so much time and single curor movement.

Because I have not found an official name for this behavior I will call it CamelCase cursor hopping (CCCH).

FlashDevelop does not support CCCH, but you can install plugins. Mørkeulv wrote the Wordshifter plugin that enables it in FlashDevelop. Just download the binary from his blog and install it. He even provides the source code for the plugin.

You can customize the jumping behavior by providing your own regular expression and which keys should be used to hop around the code. This way you can reenable the old word jumping and have CCCH along each other.

Thanks for the addon!


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