Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Tools: Total Commander and TortoiseSVN

I'm a Total Commander fanatic. It is the program, that always run when I'm working on my computer. Even when I'm not working. But recently I had a problem with TortoiseSVN and Total Commander. When you open a SVN folder in Windows Explorer Tortoise will overlay the icon according to the modification state of the contents. This way you can see if there are some modification in your folder and you need to commit them. But Total Commander would not show those icons and the context menu would not contain the SVN commands.

This problem is caused by my new machine being a 64 bit system. As this article details the 32 bit version of Total Commander cannot access the functions of the 64 bit TortoiseSVN. There are two possible solutions:

  • Install both 32 and 64 bit versions of Tortoise. That should work, but I find that very ugly.
  • Install the new 64 bit beta version of Total Commander. Yes it is beta, but it works.
I did the second options and am now very happy with a state of the art Total Commander and SVN support. Windows Explorer can again Rest In Peace on my computer!

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